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Terry Green - Billmeier's OwnerTerry

Owner of Billmeier Camera Shop

Deep in the recess of one’s mind lies the incomparable desire to express – and continue to express thoughts, emotions, and dreams of what the future might hold. But what can one man do? What can he use to alter his destiny, and affect the whole world in the process? Can a simple captured moment in song, artwork, or even feats of strength stand to change anything?

One man dares to answer just that.

A man from a small village. A man that fought a dragon – blindfolded. The legendary conqueror of the 29th century war riots in Europe…where peace was no more. Able to sail the high seas, and conquer any ship that opposes him. The heir to the throne of the New Land, and the only hope we have against the tyranny of the Pig Men. When all hope seems lost, this one man will use his superhuman powers to turn those evil pigs into bacon…and still make it home in time – with dinner.

That man, is not Terry Green – but it would be super cool if you believed it was him. Because if any of that makes you think Terry can help you any more than he already can – involving cameras, of course – then by all means, bring it to he who can save your camera!

Terry’s photography history goes back to his young years, when an old camera from his grandmother was given to him. Broken, and thought to be a dying piece of equipment, it’s destiny had seemed to end in it’s imminent destruction. But hark! Terry found his inner talent able to bring the forsaken camera to life again! From there, Terry has traveled long and far from the northern reaches of Thompson Rd., down to the farthest valleys south of Owen Rd. to garner a knowledge base capable of saving nearly every camera he comes in contact with! He was able to commandeer a fading business 15 years ago in the heart of Fenton, and henceforth Billmeier Camera Shop once again stood as the beacon of light for all who need to capture life behind a lens. Test him of his knowledge. Challenge his tinkering abilities. We assure you that Terry is the man that can find an answer, and bring your camera back to life.

(He’s also secretly a pirate lord).



Julie - Billmeiers Photo Lab TechJulie

Photo Lab Manager

Some like to stand back and support crime fighters behind the scene, others tend to be the ones on the forefront taking down criminals.  As for Julie, she enjoys the peace and quiet in the small things. Like coffee, cookies and superhero movies. She’s fine letting someone else be the hero…or is she?

Taking refuge in the tall towers of Billmeier Camera Shop she is the go-to expert for digital photo restoration, virtually any scanning service, and professional photo printing of all sizes since September of 2012.

Technician by day, and catering to every detail within her lab she oversees the projects under her control. But is that all she sees? Maybe being this simple, hard working woman, advancing her talent in graphic and web design is a masquerade  keeping all suspicions off of her! Perhaps, with deeper observation, Julie is the ever so elusive crime fighter known as The Shade! After all, has anyone ever seen them in the same room together? It would make sense, Julie came to hide within the upper reaches of Billmeier Camera – just a few months after the first sightings of “The Shade” were made public…

It’s rumored the local police have a source they constantly rely upon…someone who leaves once sabotaged crime scene photos or lost data in their mailbox fully restored! Restored, revealing the faces and details they so desperately needed to close a case. While the source remains a secret, traces of radio activity and Greek yogurt left in the fingerprints lead us closer to the hidden identity. But that couldn’t be Julie…could it?

So next time you receive your 75 year old photo completely restored, or you have that old photo of you as a child scanned; just remember that you might not see who did it. But Julie is always working – and The Shade is always watching!

Julie is also a FANTASTIC cook and she LOVES to do it!


Mike - PhotographerMike


You know those weddings you hear about, where the photographer took horrible pictures and did not capture the requested shots?

Mike Naddeo is not that photographer.

It’s 7 seconds until the game is over, and with an incredible long pass down the field, the home team scores the game winning touchdown at your son’s homecoming football game – and the photographer missed it cause of a prolonged smoke break.

Mike Naddeo, is definitely not that photographer.

The war was won, the Nazis defeated, and loved ones are reunited on the pier of New York’s harbor. The parade is full of great moments to capture, and a young sailor grabs a young woman – kissing her in the moment of collective happiness, while the photographer gets the iconic image captured with his camera.

Mike Naddeo wasn’t even born yet, so that’s not really fair…

You are the CEO of the largest company in the state, but no one takes you seriously because they’ve all seen the pictures of your staff in the various forms of marketing you paid thousands to advertise your company. The quality of the photographer is a reflection of your business, and yours is blurry and cuts off your head – and the photographer blames you!

Rest assured, Mike Naddeo will NEVER be that photographer.

Mike is however, a commercial and editorial photographer making a name for Billmeier Camera and himself as a professional photographer. Teaming up with the shop owner Terry, he launched Billmeier Studios in May of 2013 and will continue to put his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Michigan University to the test.

Professionalism is his aim, and the best quality picture for each customer is his game.


Kelly - Billmeier Frame ShopKelly

Frame Shop Expert

Do you remember the evil step mother from Cinderella? Or how about the cruel, and merciless tyranny of Maleficent the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty? Miss Minchin from the classic A Little Princess story? Verbally abusive, controlling to the ‘nth degree, and tyrants of chore time – demanding floors and bedrooms be cleaned to an unattainable standard. If you were asked to go 1 mile, you’d best go 10 to satisfy their fixation to order and demand impossibilities of you. Mothers like that – by blood or by dictation – are the bane of any child’s existence.

So take into consideration what that’d be like for a mother who just can’t stop being one! Strangers, friends, neighbors and customers alike – everyone would get the same treatment and deal with the abuse. Feeling true, motherly love would be a fleeting thought, reoccurring only in dreams of what once was…

It’s a good thing one of those terrible, heartless mothers doesn’t work here.

Kelly Smith can’t help but ask how you’re doing, catch up on family experiences, and be that warm, tender spirit we all desire to be around – especially with our mothers. She’s got quite the skill here at the Shop, claiming the profession of a framer for almost 22 years now. She brought her motherly love and talents as a framer to Billmeier Camera in September of 2012, when Terry knew her skills would be a fantastic addition to the services of the shop.

Her mothering spreads to everyone here at the shop, always making sure we’ve been fed and that our day is going as best as it can. Never a cross word – unless you mess with those she loves! Just know if you would like to see it hung on the wall, Kelly has the best advice and the utmost genuine approach to people when she looks at each job.

And she makes the BEST guacamole around.

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