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Julie - Billmeiers Photo Lab TechJulie

Photo Lab Manager

Some like to stand back and support crime fighters behind the scene, others tend to be the ones on the forefront taking down criminals.  As for Julie, she enjoys the peace and quiet in the small things. Like coffee, cookies and superhero movies. She’s fine letting someone else be the hero…or is she?

Taking refuge in the tall towers of Billmeier Camera Shop she is the go-to expert for digital photo restoration, virtually any scanning service, and professional photo printing of all sizes since September of 2012.

Technician by day, and catering to every detail within her lab she oversees the projects under her control. But is that all she sees? Maybe being this simple, hard working woman, advancing her talent in graphic and web design is a masquerade  keeping all suspicions off of her! Perhaps, with deeper observation, Julie is the ever so elusive crime fighter known as The Shade! After all, has anyone ever seen them in the same room together? It would make sense, Julie came to hide within the upper reaches of Billmeier Camera – just a few months after the first sightings of “The Shade” were made public…

It’s rumored the local police have a source they constantly rely upon…someone who leaves once sabotaged crime scene photos or lost data in their mailbox fully restored! Restored, revealing the faces and details they so desperately needed to close a case. While the source remains a secret, traces of radio activity and Greek yogurt left in the fingerprints lead us closer to the hidden identity. But that couldn’t be Julie…could it?

So next time you receive your 75 year old photo completely restored, or you have that old photo of you as a child scanned; just remember that you might not see who did it. But Julie is always working – and The Shade is always watching!

Julie is also a FANTASTIC cook and she LOVES to do it!

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