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Do you remember the evil step mother from Cinderella? Or how about the cruel, and merciless tyranny of Maleficent the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty? Miss Minchin from the classic A Little Princess story? Verbally abusive, controlling to the ‘nth degree, and tyrants of chore time – demanding floors and bedrooms be cleaned to an unattainable standard. If you were asked to go 1 mile, you’d best go 10 to satisfy their fixation to order and demand impossibilities of you. Mothers like that – by blood or by dictation – are the bane of any child’s existence.

So take into consideration what that’d be like for a mother who just can’t stop being one! Strangers, friends, neighbors and customers alike – everyone would get the same treatment and deal with the abuse. Feeling true, motherly love would be a fleeting thought, reoccurring only in dreams of what once was…

It’s a good thing one of those terrible, heartless mothers doesn’t work here.

Kelly Smith can’t help but ask how you’re doing, catch up on family experiences, and be that warm, tender spirit we all desire to be around – especially with our mothers. She’s got quite the skill here at the Shop, claiming the profession of a framer for almost 22 years now. She brought her motherly love and talents as a framer to Billmeier Camera in September of 2012, when Terry knew her skills would be a fantastic addition to the services of the shop.

Her mothering spreads to everyone here at the shop, always making sure we’ve been fed and that our day is going as best as it can. Never a cross word – unless you mess with those she loves! Just know if you would like to see it hung on the wall, Kelly has the best advice and the utmost genuine approach to people when she looks at each job.

And she makes the BEST guacamole around.

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