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You know those weddings you hear about, where the photographer took horrible pictures and did not capture the requested shots?

Mike Naddeo is not that photographer.

It’s 7 seconds until the game is over, and with an incredible long pass down the field, the home team scores the game winning touchdown at your son’s homecoming football game – and the photographer missed it cause of a prolonged smoke break.

Mike Naddeo, is definitely not that photographer.

The war was won, the Nazis defeated, and loved ones are reunited on the pier of New York’s harbor. The parade is full of great moments to capture, and a young sailor grabs a young woman – kissing her in the moment of collective happiness, while the photographer gets the iconic image captured with his camera.

Mike Naddeo wasn’t even born yet, so that’s not really fair…

You are the CEO of the largest company in the state, but no one takes you seriously because they’ve all seen the pictures of your staff in the various forms of marketing you paid thousands to advertise your company. The quality of the photographer is a reflection of your business, and yours is blurry and cuts off your head – and the photographer blames you!

Rest assured, Mike Naddeo will NEVER be that photographer.

Mike is however, a commercial and editorial photographer making a name for Billmeier Camera and himself as a professional photographer. Teaming up with the shop owner Terry, he launched Billmeier Studios in May of 2013 and will continue to put his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Michigan University to the test.

Professionalism is his aim, and the best quality picture for each customer is his game.

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