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 Full Service Photo Lab!

Printing from wallets up to 44 inches wide, offering professional and art papers, reprints, scanning, prints from prints, prints from slides, photo retouching and restoration, digital and foil imprinting. Also offering film developing for color, black and white and slide films for 35 and 120.

 Data File Recovery!

Specializing in data recovery, recovering lost files from flash based medias like memory cards, flash drives and some cameras. So before you give up hope for your precious photos or videos, bring it in and try a recovery. Also, if no data is recovered, there is no charge!

 In House Video Transfer!

Also, our lab transfers all formats of video camera tapes including VHS, mini DV, SD, 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm reel films, slides, LP’s and audio tapes to CD or DVD. CD or DVD duplication also available (video transfer services available on any non copyrighted work. Copyrighted works can only be transferred with a copyright release).

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For questions or to contact Billmeier Photo Lab please e-mail: photolab@fentoncamera.com

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